Mechanical engineering

Machine and equipment design has been a part of our services for over 30 years. Our designs have been used in both large and small applications and projects. Our operational model has been developed with the experience we’ve gathered over the years, and our service seamlessly integrates design with stress analysis and strength calculations. This combination of services makes our product better than our domestic competitors’, as we are able to offer shorter delivery times and a better product overall.

Strong experience in mechanical engineering, including:

  • Steel frames
  • Industrial tanks
  • Pipes
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Small mechanical equipment
  • Pressure equipment

We are well acquainted with Finnish mechan

ical engineering and prototyping companies. We offer rapid prototyping and small series productions in cooperation with our partners.

Steel structure design

Steel structure design is an integral part of nearly every industrial project, as is stress analysis. Read more about our stress analysis services here >>

Our supporting steel structure design follows European standards (EN 1090 and EN 1993). Karibu’s quality manual has been created in compliance with EN1090 standards.

We know welded and threaded structures well. The most typical steel structures we design include maintenance platforms and scaffolding. Our maintenance platform design follows the EN14122 standard.

Pressure equipment and tank desing

We have been a part of numerous pressurized and unpressurized industrial tank design projects (volumes between 1 m3 – 5 000 m3). We are able to design industrial tanks according to the following standards: API650, EN14015 and EN13445

In pressure equipment projects, our service includes documentation and projection with the overseeing inspectorate (approval of plans, G-module).

Prototyping and small series production

We have extensive and reliable connections to Finnish engineering works and prototyping companies. We offer rapid prototyping and small series production alongside our partners in accordance to our customers’ wishes and needs. The small series may be constructed from plastic, steel, aluminum, copper, acid resistant steel or stainless steel.








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